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Sunrise Dallas was founded in August of 2019, by young people fighting to stop climate change and fight for racial and economic justice. We know that if mobilize our country's resources, we can stop climate change, create millions of good jobs in the process, and create a world that works for ALL people. 

In 2020, we organized to strengthen Dallas Climate Plan, and worked in a coalition to write a Green New Deal for Dallas. We showed up at City Hall to speak, and rallied at the city's climate symposium. As Covid hit, we reorganized our hub to continue meeting and working virtually. We threw down hard for Green New Deal champions running in Texas, and were critical for Jasmine Crockett's win in Texas House District 100. We stand firmly for anti-racism, and stood in solidarity Our City, Our Future and In Defense of Black Lives Dallas throughout the summer and fall. 

Heading into 2021, our hub is focusing on four projects: Electing Progressives to Dallas City Council, Running a local Green New Deal campaign, developing and supporting mutual aid, and building a cross-race, cross-class base. Come to our next meeting to learn more about how you can be involved!

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