Sunrise Movement Amherst

About Sunrise Amherst

Sunrise Amherst was established in May 2019 by Amherst Regional High School and Amherst College students. Since then, the hub has had members in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and beyond! We pride ourselves in our focus on local climate issues that fulfills Sunrise's principles and are committed to a Green New Deal and a better, greener future! Just a few of the things we've done: - Host a Green New Deal town hall - Help organize the Sept. 2019 Boston Climate Strike - Help organize the Dec. 2019 Climate Strike against Richard Neal in Springfield - Present at the Amherst Youth Environmental Action summer program - Presentations at local schools/fairs - Publications in local newspapers - Segment on Bill Newman Show - Phone banks - A whole lot of showing up at local actions!

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